Do you also think that you have too little time to think and act to be more ecological?

I know… I though so too.

And what if someone collects easy and quick tips? Here you are! I decided to ask around, seach the internet and spend my free time to test and finally write about easy and qucik tips and trick which will make you proud of yourself to “turn green” 😉

You’ll see, it’s not complicated. But be careful, it is addictive… before you know you’ll sell your car, and buy a farm in the countryside (hihi).

For each action you do, just keep thinking: “If everyone would do like me, how little it might be, on a planet scale it would have a huge effect“.

No, you don’t need to work less, neither spend more money to live in a more ecological way.

We are not superman, so take it easy, start with what you find easier: zero waste shop close from home or work? Sewing master to make reusable bag or even to recycle your old clothes? Cooking prins(sess) to try to cook more often vegetarian dishes?