Blog post 2: Home-made cookies

Home made sand cookies

Sorry for those who want to reduce sugar intake… but this is one of the nicest changes in my life: home-made cookies. Cookies always comes with so much packaging, which is usually non-recyclable.

“When will I do this?” I promise you that it doesn’t take much time; and you have cookies for 1 to 2 weeks (double the dough if needed).

I either do it alone in the evening, or with the girls. They are now 3 years old and 4,5 years old, and the kitchen doesn’t look like anymore a mess afterwards. Everyone gets a task: tare the weight scale, help weighting the ingredients, mix (the must!!) with a fork, …  If you have (grand-)children: you have already an activity for the holidays!

I’ve uploaded 4 recipes of cookies on the website which I’m making very often: sesame, sand, “healthy oat” and delicious oat cookies. This is my selection of the best time/quality (how good they taste). It contains basic ingredients that you probably have at home (add a vanilla stick or vanilla sugar); and the dough can be made in 5-10 minutes if you are in a hurry.

If you have, use reusable baking sheets (I bought it in Belgium: 4 Eur/piece @ Aveve)

“Why would I do this?”: You can do it for the ecology; or to relax/change your mind in the evening (I do get relax from baking; and happy to have done “something useful”).  If you make your own cookies, you know what it contains (or does NOT contains such as palm oil); and for those who are addicted to cookies: you have an idea on how much butter and sugar you are eating 😉…. Hum… or do you rather don’t want to know?


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