Blog post 6: Zero waste kids activities

Salty dough and craft with “nature treasures”.

Finding inspiration for zero waste activities is not always so easy. Craft seems always nicer with glitters and stickers. I would like to do more zero-waste craft with my kids and therefore decided to do some search and write this post.

  • Why not make “salty dough” instead of buying play-do (plasticine)? You can make it together and paint it the week afterwards (you need to let it dry first).

Oh, by the way, if your play-doh is turning hard and dry, it only needs you to put some water in it. Just sit next to your children and do as if you were playing with them while you make a ball; than a hole with your finger; few drops of water; and knead (it can be a bit messy).

Look, I even found the “official” explanation on their website: “To restore the softness to PLAY-DOH compound, try adding water one drop at a time and working it in to moisten the PLAY-DOH compound. You can also try wrapping the PLAY-DOH compound in a damp paper towel, returning it to the container and replacing the cover. Let it sit overnight.”

  • Collect garbage on the street. In many cities, they have “waste picker” and all the material you need that you can use for a day for free. We have been doing it this summer with 15 children 3-5 years old (not in the street of course, but a nature reserve). They loved it!
  • It is also the good time of the year to check their clothes and sort their toys. Look for a flea market/garage sale close by your home. They might be motivated by the idea of receiving some of the profit to buy new toys 😉
  • Go on a “nature treasure hunt” outside to collect leaves, branches, pine cones, stones, shells,… you can craft so many different types of animals with it. I discovered the books from Fiona Hayes. They are great. If you google her (+ for example craft, you’ll already find plenty of ideas). No, I’m not paid by her to make publicity 😉 but I’m so happy to find some ideas with material that I always have in house! And I like it as much as the girls.
  • Take the time (and the patience) to cook with the kids. They usually like it (if not motivate them by making something sweet such as baking cookies. Or ask them to help too cook for the family: I’ve made soup with the girls this week, they were very proud to tell their father that they made it themselves and ate it with appetite!
  • Or just make home-made non-toxic glue to make craft with them afterwards. You can even make a sculpture (or piñata) with “papier maché”.

Have fun!!


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