Dried tomatoes

Home made dried cherry tomatoes

This year I’ve tried to process the excess of cherry tomatoes to can eat them during the winter season 😉

Cut your cherry tomatoes in 2, and put them om a baking plate (with reusable baking paper) with the round part below. Add some salt and pepper, some spices (thyme, basilicim, origano, rosemary… what you like), and a little bit of garlic. Finally, add generously olive oil.

Leave them in the oven for about 1 hour at 150°C. (on the internet you read sometimes lower temperature for 2-4 hours…; But at lower temperature, you can not bake anything at the same time).

Leave them cool down and put them in a glass pot (e.g. jam jars). Fill with olive oil until the tomatoes are completely covered (otherwise mold grows very quickly). For the moment, I keep them in the fridge, but I guess that it could stay in at room temperature if the tomatoes are completely submerged in oil.


  • one baking plate gives enough for 2 small jam jars (the cherry tomatoes shrink). So you can bake more than 1 plate.
  • I know, 1 hour is long (and not so ecological to leave the oven on for so little food); so to optimize the oven, i usually bake 1 or 2 types of cookies at the same time 😉
  • I eat it on bread or in salads. It tastes amazing!!