Home-made granola before baking


The quantity of the ingredients is depending of your taste.

  • Oat flakes
  • Agave syrup or any other sweet syrup (and/or honing)
  • Seeds: pumkin, lin, sunflower, sesame,… (anything you like and you have at home)
  • Nuts (to chose what you want; I use once walnuts; another time a nut mix).
  • Oil (I use olive oil)

Preparation (5 min + 30 min in the oven)

Crush the nuts (or use a blender), to have smaller pieces (not too small, otherwise it will not be looking nice anymore).

Mix all the ingredients together.

Spread your mixture on a (reusable) baking paper; and put it in the oven at 150°C, until it starts getting light brown. If you have a thick layer, mix it with a spoon once in a while. It usually takes me about 30 min until it’s ready. If you put the oven a little bit higher, it goes faster (but apparently it is not so healty to go above 150°C).

Don’t put the oven too hot and don’t let it burn. Otherwise it will not be healthy anymore (in May 2019, the Belgian Health Council warned that granola roasted at high-temperature is not so healthy).