My sister’s books

My oldest sister is drawing children books. Because I’m fan of her style and of her books, I decided to add a page for it 😉

Buying too many books is not so ecological of course, but if you do, then buy good ones 😉 Or if you want to be even more ecological, you can ask the library close to your home if they want to buy it so that other children can read it too. Or if you live in Antwerp, you can always contact me to borrow it. There is very little text, so don’t worry for the language if you are not french-speaking.

Quand je serai grand je serai Grand méchant loup

Quand je serai grand je serai grand méchant loup

Her first is book is great!!! It is called “Quand je serai grand….je serai …” (“When I grow up, I want to be…”). It is the story of the big bad wolf seen by a child who wants to be smarter than the big bad wolf to catch the 3 little pigs. It is really funny. You can see some illustration on her blog (Emilia Conesa).

Publishing house: Edition Winioux. ISBN-13: 978-2919523023 (if you google this number, you’ll find it directly, the ISBN-13 is a unique number for each book published; if you want to ask a shop to order it, it is also always good to give the ISBN number).



Her second book is called “Krokmais” (crunch/bite ‘but’). A little girl found a small friendly monster who is eating the second part of a sentence if it is starting with “BUT”… so the little girl only ear the first part of the sentence. As a result, she is making a mess. My daughters love this book too. For some illustrations: see her blog.

Publishing house: Editions Winioux. ISBN-13 : 978-2919523047

Les petits bonheurs

Les petits bonheurs

Her book “Les petits bonheurs” (“the simple pleasures”) is actually for everyone. It is a nice reminder that you don’t have to wait for “the happiness” to fall on you, but that you’d better collect nice souvenirs and enjoy small things in life. For illustrations: see my sister’s blog.

Publishing house: Editions du Mercredi ISBN-13 : 979-1093433325

Quand je te vois

Quand je te vois

Children sometimes have difficulties to understand LOVE. “Quand je te vois” (“When i see you”) approach LOVE with a lot of softness. A little boy explains what he feels when he sees the girl she is in love with. Very sweet!! Again, you can see some illustration on her blog.

Publishing house: Mouck. ISBN-13 : 978-2917442647

En ballade de l’alpage

Publishing house: Genevrier. ISBN 978-2-36290-136-2

Mon trésor Brontosor

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Publishing house: Un chat la nuit. ISBN: 978-2-901157-05-2