Red spread (beetroot hummus)

Beetroot spread on one of my granmother’s plate

This spread is also one of the favorite of my children.

If you do a small quantity, it takes long. But I cook an entire evening to fill a 10L cooking pot, then I freeze it in jam jars, and take one out when needed… so 3 month long, we can enjoy the result of my “one evening cooking” 😉

It is inspired (=simplified) from the excellent eco-cooking book from Velt “Lekker ecologisch!“: cooking according to season vegetables, cooking with left overs from vegetables, easy recipies,… (I don’t receive money for promotion; so when I suggest something, it is just shared with love).


  • 100 gr chickpeas (I use dry chickpeas, so I need to leave them for min 8hrs in water, then cook them)
  • 2 small/one big beetroot
  • 1 tea spoon from each of the following spices: ras el hanout (or couscous spices), ground cumin and ground coriander seeds)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • sesame seeds (optional; the original recipe is with tahin; but i just add about 2 table spoon of sesame seeds)
  • Salt
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice (optional: i never use it)

Preparation (cooking time: organize yourself, tips below)

Soaking and cooking the chickpeas as well as cooking the beetroots take quite a long time. Usually I soak the chickpeas in the morning. In the evening, while we are eating, I put the chickpeas and the beetroot to cook. The beetroots are cooked in water, with the skin; and peeled afterwards. Once we are ready with eating, everything is ready to be mixed (if the beetroot are still too warm to peel; prick a fork into it to hold it).

If you read more of my recipes, you know that I make it easy. So I just throw all the listed ingredients in a huge cooking pot and mix it all with the blender.

That’s it! Enjoy!