Sponge it yourself!

Making sponge was on my TO DO list for a while. Until now we were using “classical sponge” (no recycled sponge, no ecological sponge, just the one which yellow on one side, and a green scrub layer on the other side).

Because sponge are the perfect place for bacterial growth, we were washing them at 60°C or with our 90°C laundry after few days of use… But very quickly the green part was detaching from the yellow part.

I kept all the yellow parts, found some jute bags (NL: juttezak; FR: toile de jutte) in the basement and tried out some things:

As external layer:

  • bath towel + jute
  • jute only

As filling:

  • yellow part of our sponge
  • natural sponge (we tried natural sponge alone, but we didn’t like it)

Our favorite sponge is the one with jute on one side and a piece of an old towel on the other side, filled with the yellow sponge. The size is the one of a regular songe. My experience is that you have to sew it very very wel (many times, different stitches) otherwise it gets loose afer 1 or 2 washings.

Buth my husband and myself are happy with the upcycling of our broken sponge! It was easy and quick to make them. Much easier than facial masks 😉