Who are we

The first time my husband showed me the website of “Green Evelien“, a normal family who is living in a ecological way, I laughed at him and told him that there were weirdos.

But I did get curious and started reading about it… and our life took a turn: growing vegetables, buying local and seasonal products, going to the zero waste shop became a habit.

In the mean while, we have 2 nice daughters who are telling me “mum, don’t shower too much, it is wasting water” or “we don’t need a plastic bag, he? It’s not good for the environment” I’m happy that they start their life with a more ecological way of thinking ;-).

We are definitely not perfect, nor zero waste; but I hope that by telling my story (success, tips and mistakes), I will inspire more people and to take small steps toward a more ecological way of living.

Anali (yes, as weird as it can sound, this is my name, please the phonetic accent should be on the i; not in the second a…)