Do you know that yogurt is “just” milk that has been fermented into yogurt by bacteria. The lactose sugars are turned into lactic acid which makes the milk to thicken.

I’ve found a lot of different recipes; but as usual I only want the easy and quick one(s)!


  • yogurt (starter): the first time the one you buy (containing “active yogurt culture”), afterwards some of your own.
  • milk (10-15 times more than yogurt)

Preparation (2 min + 8 hrs rest)

What I do:

  • In a clean glass container I Mix milk and yogurt (rest of my own yogurt)
  • I fill a bigger container with warm water where my glass container fits to use as temperature buffer (see picture below)
  • I leave the container + water + glass container (with milk and yogurt) to rest during the night onto my water boiler in my kitchen

What I find on internet (but the above works; and taste good ;-)):

  • boil the milk (apparently it improves the texture of the yogurt)
  • let cool the milk to 32-49°C
  • milk the yogurt to the milk
  • let sit for 8 hrs between 32°C and 49°C